Exobusa gets a simplified 3 stage kit build

Mar 9, 2021

We have completely revised the way our kits are organised, from talking to customers we realise that one of the most important improvements we could make was to simplify the whole build process. So rather than having a basic kit with a whole raft of options and combinations of parts, colours and styles, we have reduced the build to 3 simple stages.

Each stage is sold complete and all you need is tools and a donor Hyabusa bike. You can buy each kit when you have completed each stage or buy them all in one go. Rest assured that the kits contain all of the parts you require to build a Rebel Performance Machines Exobusa. All you need to do is choose colours of the chassis and body panels.

For the Exobusa we also have an optional dry sump component kit.

Check out the Exobusa kit here