Our 4 wheel kit car taking  its power from the 1300/1360cc Suzuki Hayabusa.

EXOBUSA Sports Kit-car

The Exobusa is light, nimble and staggeringly quick in supercharged or turbocharged form. Bike engined madness with a 185bhp engine standard and 300bhp plus if you are brave. As its name suggests, it takes its power from the 1300/1360cc Suzuki Hayabusa. Kits are available to take any 1999 to 2017 ‘Busa powerplant.

The EXOBUSA made its debut at the 2012 Stoneleigh kit car show and since then has been a runaway success. Kits are available both in the UK and through our International Distributors.


Fully triangulated steel space frame with optional MSA spec roll bar. Chassis designed by qualified structural engineers to provide a stiff and strong structure using ERW and CDS steel tube.


Disc brakes all round.


Length 3080mm – Width 1750mm 
Height 1060mm – Wheel Base 2265mm 


1300/1360cc Suzuki Hayabusa

The rearview of the rebel performance machines exobusa sports car
The Rebel Performance Machines Exobusa sports car on the track
The Rebel Performance Machines Exobusa sports car

EXObusa build options

the exobusa kit

Buy the basic kit package and choose your preference of extras to tailor the vehicle to your exact spec. Get your hands on a Suzuki Hyabusa for the engine and you are all set for a fun and rewarding build.

factory built

Don’t have the time or space to self build? We can build the EXOBUSA to your specification in our factory and put it through all of the relevant testing for you to drive away. Prices are from £15k depending on spec.