1.8/2.0 Ford Zetec Powered, super lightweight, super responsive kit car

EXOTECH Sports Kit-car

The Exotech has been specifically designed to accept the Ford Zetec 1.8/2.0 16v Twin Cam engine and the IB5 gearbox as well as other components from a MK1 Ford Focus. The EXOTECH is the answer for customers who prefer a more traditional powerplant. The enduring popularity of the MK1 Ford Focus and the vast supply of donor components led us to look at the fabulous EXOBUSA and redesign the rear of it to accommodate the unburstable 16 valve twin cam 1.8/2.0 Focus engines and the lightweight IB5 gearbox.

MK1 Focus driveshafts, hubs and rear brakes keep this tried and tested formula simple and within a sensible budget. MK1 ST170 power can be used as well as the 4 cylinder 1.5/1.6 Ecoboost engine. Upgrades to hi-spec brakes all round are readily available and Honda, Toyota, VAG installations can be done by special request.


Fully triangulated steel space frame with optional MSA spec roll bar. Chassis designed by qualified structural engineers to provide a stiff and strong structure using ERW and CDS steel tube.


Car Discs all round with 4 pot front calipers, vented, grooved & cross drilled discs.


Length 3125mm (approx 10′ 3″)- Width 1725mm (approx 05′ 8″)
Height 1125mm (approx 03′ 8″) – Wheel Base 2425mm (approx 08′ 0″)


Zetec 2000cc 4 cylinder 150bhp transverse mounted unit mated to a 5 speed manual transmission.

Further engine options including 1.6 and 2.0 turbo Ecoboost engines are also available

rebel performance machines exotech sports car
rebel performance machines exotech sports car
rebel performance machines exotech sports car

EXOTECH build options

the exotech kit

buy the basic kit package and choose your preference of extras to tailor the vehicle to your exact spec. Get your hands on a Ford Focus for the engine, power train and hubs and you are all set for a fun and rewarding build.

factory built

Don’t have the time or space to self build? We can build the EXOTECH to your specification in our factory and put it through all of the relevant testing for you to drive away. Prices are from £15k depending on spec.