Your questions answered

Where are you based?

On the outskirts of Littleport near Ely in Cambridgeshire.

Unit 11, Oak Lane Business Park
Oak Lane, Littleport
Ely, Cambs CB6 1EF

Can I come and visit your workshops to view your cars?

Yes! We welcome visitors by appointment, you can view the cars in production and see our stock of kits and parts.

What is the lead time for your kits?

Tr1ke kits are kept in stock with black chassis so delivery can be arranged within a few days to suit the customer. Exobusa’s are on a 4-week lead time.

How much will a completed kit cost?

When you purchase the 3 stage kits this gives you everything you need in addition to the parts your use from the R1 bike. So the overall cost is the price of the 3 kits plus a R1 (circa £4k) if you purchase a decent R1 there is a good second hand market for the parts you don’t need, like the fairings, front forks, lights etc. it has been know for customers to recover over 50% of the bike cost by selling the unused parts on eBay.

Why are the kits split into 3?

The reason was three-fold

  1. To give the builder all the required parts
  2. To improve the quality of the build through tried and tested methods
  3. To provide transparency in what the total build cost is likely to be so there are no surprises halfway through, with the added bonus of spreading the cost over a period that suits the builders budget.
Is finance available?

Yes finance options are available at the checkout stage

What colours are available?

For the chassis you can have gloss or Matt black or silver. The GRP parts are available in Red, Black, Blue, Orange or white. Other colours are available but at an extended lead time and a price surcharge. We are aiming to stock tR1ke kits for a quick dispatch so for nonstandard colours there is a 4 week lead time.

Is there a build manual?

Each of the 3 stage kits come with all the required parts including the fixings and detailed instructions to enable the builder to self-assemble easily.

Will I have to have a Q plate upon registration?

No, upon passing the MVSA or IVA test depending on the kit you purchase you will be able to register the kit car as a new vehicle.

I am an engineer and wantt to do my own thing with regards to the build, do I need to purchase all three stages from you?

No, the stage one will give you the basics and your free to build to your own specification, sourcing your own parts and making your own brackets etc. The 3 stage kits take away the unknown and head scratching for the builder. A build usually stalls when the builder gets to an element that they are unsure how to solve, we are just taking away that unknow by suppling great solutions with proven methods for each element. We want our customers to get their vehicle finished and on the road.

I have a different motorbike, can I use that instead of the R1?

We prefer our customers to use the R1 as its tried and tested and we have confidence that all the parts supplied fit and work with the R1 brilliantly. The problem with using another bike is that it changes the designed parameters with regards to ride height and handling, in essence you will be building a prototype, and you won’t know if it’s any good until its finished and you’ve spent a lot of time, money and energy on it. If you have another bike it would be better to sell it and use the money to buy a R1.

I understand that, but I love my bike and really want to use it

If you are determined to use a different bike, we are happy to supply a tR1ke Chassis unpainted so you can make your own modifications, but the responsibility will be on the builder

Can you supply the donor Motorbike?

Yes, we can source and supply a low mileage motorbike as part of the kit for an additional charge.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we can ship our kits worldwide, you should however research the local legislation regarding registering our cars for road use.

I’m 6ft 2” tall, will I Fit in your cars?

We have customers who are 6ft 4 “can fit quite comfortably. There is a lot of leg room in our cars.

Is there a good second-hand market?

Our kit cars pop up for sale from time to time and hold their money particularly well, especially if the build quality is good. One of the reasons we offer the 3 stage kits was to increase the build quality by providing all the correct parts, fixing and fittings to ensure a quality build.

Can I order a factory build car, If so, what is the lead time?

Yes, we offer Factory build to a high specification, typical lead time depends on other builds in the queue but typically 12-18 weeks.

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