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the tr1ke sports car

If you want motorbike performance with the safety of car like handling then you need look no further than the tR1ke. Simply buy a kit and add the engine and rear wheel from a Yamaha R1.


the triabusa sports car

The Hayabusa was the worlds fastest production motorcycle, and it’s sensational powerplant can now be built into our stunning lightweight 3 wheel Triabusa chassis.


the exotech sports car

The EXOTECH is the answer for customers who prefer a more traditional powerplant. Designed to accept the Ford Zetec 1.8/2.0 16v Twin Cam engine from a MK1 Ford Focus.


the exobusa sports car

4 wheel bike engined madness with a 185bhp engine standard and 300bhp plus if you are brave. As its name suggests, it takes its power from the 1300/1360cc Suzuki Hayabusa.