Our 3 wheel rocket, taking its power from the Yamaha R1

TR1KE Sports Kit-car

If you want motorbike performance with the safety of car like handling then you need look no further than the tR1ke

Our self assembly kit has been engineered to make the build process as simple as possible. Three build packages contain all the parts required to assemble your own tR1ke. The tR1ke utilises the awesome Yamaha R1 for engine and rear wheel set up.

Simply buy the 3 kits and a Yamaha R1 from year 1998-2005 and you have everything you need to complete a tR1ke. The in-depth build manuals make assembly a breeze. It’s fast, fun and has extraordinary levels of grip due to the low centre of gravity, add the simplicity of assembling the tR1ke and this could be just the kind of project that your pocket money has been waiting for.



Chassis Kit


Stage 1 Kit Includes:

• Fully welded tubular space frame chassis ready to accept Yamaha R1 1998 to 2006 model year components
• Pro tech fully adjustable shock absorbers complete with
 coil over springs
• Front wish bones complete with poly bushes,
 crush tubes & ball joints
• Forged alloy front uprights complete with front hubs with
 radial brake caliper mount
• Rear alloy bulkhead, alloy centre console and alloy sheet for floor
• Cycle wing mounting brackets
• Alloy radiator pipes (for front mounted radiator).
• Twin fuel tanks (2 gallons each) fuel caps
• Steering column
• Quick turn Steering rack
• Identified and labelled fixing kit
• Assembly Guide

kit 2


Brake & Cooling Kit


Stage 2 Kit Includes:

• Pro Race 1.2 Wheels in Black with Toyo TR1 tyres fitted
• Toyo TR1 Rear Tyre to fit to bike rear wheel
• OMP Suede steering Wheel and mounting boss
• Steering wheel mounted paddle shift

Full brake kit including:
• Front Disks
• Rebel Branded Ultralite 4 pot calipers
• Green stuff Brake pads
• Brake master cylinders
• Braided brake hoses to the correct lengths
• All Brake banjo fittings
• Rear Handbrake, mounting brackets
• Hand brake lever

• Cooling breather tank
• Expansion tank
• All the correct Coolant hoses and clips
• Cable pack including Throttle, clutch and gear change push pull cable
• Fuel lines and Clips
• Identified and labelled fixing kit
• Assembly Guide

kit 3


Wiring & Body Panel Kit


Stage 3 Kit Includes:

• Tr1ke specific Plug and play wiring loom
• Dominator headlights
• LED rear lights
• Domed front indicators
• High level LED brake light

GRP Bodywork with a colour Choice of Black, red, orange , blue or white:
• GRP bonnet
• GRP Bevel Cycle Wings
• A pair of GRP standard seats

• Seat mounting runners
• 4 Point harness seat belts to match seat colour
• Switch Pack
• Battery box
• Passenger stainless steel foot rest
• Assembly Guide


Don’t have the time or space to self build? We can build the tR1ke in our factory and put it through all of the relevant testing for you to drive away for £22,000.



The fully triangulated space frame chassis has been designed to achieve an extremely high level of torsional rigidity. The framework absorbs loads highly efficiently at the node points, such as the roll hoop and suspension tops. Designed using computer simulated loads and then refined with real world testing at over 2000 ft/lbs per degree of deflection.


The engine chosen is from the Yamaha R1 motor cycle. These units offer a superb compromise between cost and their power to weight ratio. In standard guise these 998cc units put out 150 bhp. Add that amount of power to a car that only weighs in at a third of a ton and you are looking at a shattering 450bhp per ton!


You have complete control over the ride quality of the tR1ke. Ride height and damping of the all round coil over shock absorbers can be adjusted. The perfect feel can be achieved to suit your style of driving. There is also a choice of steering racks, the standard 3.8 turns lock to lock or a quicker 2.8 option.

Don’t forget that you can sell the rest of the motor bike parts on eBay – many careful owners make back the cost of the original bike purchase!



0-60mph in 3 Seconds



450bhp per ton


Yamaha power


Set it up the way YOU want

TR1KE owner videos