We’ve added the Exobusa and Exotech to our range

Oct 8, 2019

Breaking News: We are excited to announce that we have just taken over the Exobusa and Exotech sports cars from Exo Sportscars.


Proving the incredible versatility of our three rail chassis configuration, the Exotech can be home to a wide variety of car engined powerplants from Zetec to Ecoboost. The Exotech has been specifically designed to accept the Ford Zetec 1.8/2.0 16v Twin Cam engine and the IB5 gearbox as well as other components from a MK1 Ford Focus.



The Exobusa is light, nimble and staggeringly quick in supercharged or turbocharged form. Bike engined madness with a 185bhp engine standard and 300bhp plus if you are brave. As its name suggests, it takes its power from the 1300/1360cc Suzuki Hayabusa. Kits are available to take any 1999 to 2017 ‘Busa powerplant.

Full details will be on the website very soon!